Together We Can Win the Ski Slope Showdown!

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Ski Slope Showdown
With tons of support from fiercely loyal and passionate guests like you,
Ski Butternut has done what some might say is impossible:
In head-to-head popularity contests in the Boston A-List Ski Slope Showdown,
we’ve ousted Mount Snow, Killington, Stratton, and Stowe!
Heck, we’ve basically conquered the whole state of Vermont!
But after whittling it down from an initial round of 32 contenders, to 16, to 8, and to 4,
finally, only 2 remain:
Ski Butternut and Magic Mountain.
While we have tons of respect for the scrappy and dedicated folks that make Magic magic (as well as our friends at ski areas throughout the country),
We’re *this close* to being named New England’s favorite ski area.
But we can’t win without your continued enthusiastic support.
The contest runs through Sunday Jan 26, and you can vote once a day until then.
If you’ve already voted for us,
we hope you’ll go back every day and declare your love!
(We love you, too!)
And if you haven’t yet done so,
we hope we can convince you to stand up and be counted!
Let’s show the world that Bigger isn’t always Better
especially when it comes to skiing
Great snowmaking and grooming,
(consistently enabling us to open 100% of our trails earlier and for longer than almost everyone else in the east)
exciting and creative terrain parks, 
interesting and varied trails,
affordable tickets and season passes, 
an award-winning ski shop,
hundreds of fun-loving, compassionate certified instructors…
and, most importantly, a welcoming, friendly attitude
are as, nay, more important than a mere comparison of vertical feet
Together, we’ve made it this far
Let’s take the next step and WIN THIS SHOWDOWN!

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