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Besides a good attitude, the most important thing for a skier to have is a properly fitted pair of boots. Even more critical than well-tuned skis of appropriate length, the right boot, fit right, provides a strong foundation to give skiers and riders the solid balance and precise agility needed to translate small movements into big, beautiful arcing turns. Plus, a well-chosen boot can also be surprisingly comfortable (after a few days of break-in) and even warm.

Ski Butternut is fortunate enough to have one of the best certified bootfitters around, Penny Spoja, the hard goods manager at our Ski and Board Shop. In addition to setting you up in the right boot for your age, size, ability, and skiing style, Penny and her well-trained staff can also help you further customize your boot, adding special insoles to match your instep and arch, adjusting the cant to improve your alignment, and even accessorizing with electric boot heaters to keep your toes happy on cold days.

With some boot models, she can even take an additional step: molding the boot liner to exactly conform to the unique shape of your foot and ankle. In the photos below, Penny is customizing a pair of Dalbello ski boots with custom fit I.D. Thermo liners. She uses the shop’s brand new Dalbello Intuition machine to heat the liners to very high temperature, effectively ‘melting’ the insides. Then the skier, Alex, steps into boots and stands motionless in proper athletic stance as they cool. About 10 minutes later, Alex’s liners have hardened permanently into the shape of her feet and, just like a snowflake, her boots are unique, unlike any other pair, specifically designed for her.






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  1. Its really tremendous design. Too nice job. Thank you for sharing with us.

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