Pray, Dance, and/or Sacrifice for Snow (PLUS CONTEST!)

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Something’s not right in Great Barrington. (But you can do something about it: Scroll down for contest info!)

UPDATE: Things are looking up…and Ski Butternut is OPENING ON SAT DEC 15, 2012!

A few days ago, I checked my calendar, and it said “December.” But I checked my thermometer, and it was more like December in Bermuda.

A fluke, a freak accident of nature perhaps?

But then, for several days, more of the same.

On Wednesday and Thursday night, winter teased us with its brief presence, and we fired up the snow guns and hoped for the best. But today, another warm spell has been cast.

I’ve got my skis waxed and sharpened, Keith over in food services has ordered several tons of hot cocoa mix, and our snowmaking crews have got all the equipment in place to get started.

But we’ve got nothing to do. And things are getting quite boring here. Our head of operations, Jeff, is visualizing mini golf holes (complete with a windmill and other fun mechanical contraptions) on the bunny hill. Keith has allegedly built himself a hot chocolate hot tub, rather than waste all that precious beverage. And I’m this close to taking up crochet.

This madness must stop!

But what should we do?

Could we summon the power of collective prayer, pleading with God to put on a sweater, turn down the thermostat a bit, and, for good measure, throw in a blizzard or two?

How about organizing a snow dance, like the one that saved the 1960 Squaw Valley Olympics?

Then I thought to myself, “What Would Einar Do?”

Einar, of course, is Einar Aas, Butternut’s beloved ski school director for almost 40 years, until his passing a few years ago. Einar was, amongst other things, a phenomenal skier, a special character with his own unique habits and sayings, and, unmistakably, a Norwegian.

He was, and remains, an important part of Butternut. A stone with a carved Norwegian flag sits in our base area as a monument to his legacy.

And so it occurred to me…

You know who else comes from Scandinavia?

ULLR! A Norse god, considered the patron saint of skiers.


Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

And I realized we’ve been remiss. We have failed to make the appropriate sacrifices to Ullr, and he has punished us for this transgression.

So I need you all to help us out. And do it quickly, please, for the calendar tells me we’ve got not a moment to waste.

You need to prepare your best sacrifices to Ullr. Stat.

I hear he is partial to steaming cups of hot cocoa, with precisely 42 miniature marshmallows in each one, and at least 6″ of whipped cream on top (each inch of whipped cream translates into an inch of fresh, powdery snowfall, so I’m told). He also quite likes mittens, hats, and sweaters of the hand-knitted variety, and especially if they are bedazzled and contain beautiful winter motifs. And he has a real soft spot for adorable pets in full ski attire.

So, get crackin’ on your sacrificin,’ and send me your photos as proof. You can post them on our main facebook wall, or send me an email.

I’ll post the best/most creative/most snow-inspiring ones that I receive on this blog and/or facebook, and if any of you are successful in appeasing Ullr and bringing on winter, I will award one voucher good for a FREE LIFT TICKET to the person who makes the most awesome sacrifice, and two vouchers good for a FREE TUBING SESSION to the person who makes the second best offering.

But do it fast. Or I might just knit you a really embarrassing Christmas sweater (if I can figure out how these needle-things work). (Please submit photos by THU DEC 13, 11:59PM EST). -rj

Fine print: By submitting a photo entry to this contest, you grant Ski Butternut non-exclusive use of this photo for contest and other promotional purposes. Winners names will be announced on our blog and/or facebook page(s) on or after FRI DEC 14, and winners will be contacted by their original form of entry (i.e. facebook or email), unless other contact info is provided. The contest is open to everyone, but kids 13 and under must seek parental permission and have their photos submitted by a parent or guardian.

Ullr Dog

Here’s my gift to Ullr. Though it pleases him much, it is not nearly sufficient to compel him to bless us with winter. So, please, for the love of Ullr, send along your best sacrifices asap. (Dog photo courtesy of Corpusdigitalis. Goggles by Smith, hat by Neff, boots by Atomic, pants by Burton, jacket by Obermeyer)


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  1. Well done Richie J. I’ll be helping to promote this on Facebook as well. Should be FUN!

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