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Today’s (Sunday, December 11, 2011) New York Times Travel section is entirely devoted to articles about skiing.

It starts with a full-page cover photo of Lindsey Vonn, giving a wide-mouthed roar, barreling straight out of the page at full speed.

Here are some other highlights and things that I learned:

  • The 7 Park City, Utah area ski resorts are so close together, you can actually ski them all in one day with the help of a backcountry guide. A new proposal seeks to connect two of them, Canyons and Solitude, via a 2-mile-long gondola.
  • Quick Quiz: Who’s the largest ski resort owner in America? If you said Vail or Intrawest, you’re wrong. And if you said American Skiing Company, you’ve got to get your time machine fixed. The correct answer is CNL Lifestyle Properties. CN-Who? Exactly. Bonus factoid: Butternut has been owned by the same family, the Murdocks, for its entire existence, nearly 50 years.
  • The Times offers tips for getting lift tickets for less, but leaves out what we humbly suggest is a great option: Buying a season pass. Butternut’s early-bird season pass pays for itself in just 5 weekend days. Even in-season, the breakeven point is just 6 visits. If you plan on skiing for just one full holiday week here, a season pass is your best bet. (And you can skip the ticket line and go straight to the lift each day.)
  • On Lindsey Vonn’s bucket list: Skiing in an indoor ski dome, like the one in Dubai. (One remains built – but vacant – much closer to home in New Jersey.)
  • David Carr writes a surprisingly touching ode to the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the family ski vacation.
  • We’re Number 1! Squaw Valley has the only ski-in/ski-out Starbucks in America, Canyons has the only on-mountain kosher restaurant, and Alabama has only 1 ski area. And many more fun numbers.
  • If you wanted to, and you have the means, you could spend an awful lot of money to look sexy on the slopes.
  • Day tickets are now $96 a piece at all 3 Park City, Utah mountains: Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley, and Canyons.
  • Making the perfect burger above 10,000 feet is not nearly as easy as it seems.
  • Check out these AWESOME historic ski photos. Notice the old Italian Carlevaro-Savio double chairlift at Mt. Snow: Butternut had 2 of these exact lifts, and unlike most other mountains, we retained and retrofitted the iconic criss-cross lattice towers for our new quad lifts.
  • Jay Peak has gone from backwoods to upscale. It’s still in the middle of nowhere, though. (Sorry, Canada.)
  • Lake Placid, NY has one of the last of three remaining original Howard Johnson’s restaurants in the world.
  • Skiing like a girl is a very good thing.

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