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Our hearts go out to the people of Norway at this difficult time.

Skiers all over the world share a special bond with Norway, which gave us the earliest known evidence of skiing (in an ancient rock drawing), and even the word “ski.”

But Ski Butternut has an extra special bond with Norway: Our beloved ski school director for more than four decades (until he succumbed to a long and brave battle against cancer in 2008), Einar Aas, came to us from Trondheim, Norway, where he was a ski racer in his youth, and where many in his extended family still live. Under his warm and enthusiastic direction, literally tens of thousands of people learned to ski or snowboard at Butternut. In his memory, a Norwegian flag is carved into a stone at the base of our mountain.

Today, that monument reminds us to keep all the people of Norway in our thoughts and prayers.


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