Back To School

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At the ripe old age of 25, US freestyle skier Hannah Kearney has accomplished quite a bit: She’s won 6 World Cup events so far this season. And, oh yeah, not to mention her 2010 Olympic gold medal in the moguls event.

But now she faces a new challenge: College. Starting perhaps as soon as later this month (space-permitting), Kearney will be enrolling in classes at my alma mater, Dartmouth.

In an article in the school newspaper, The Dartmouth, Kearney says she will not be joining the ski team (Dartmouth has an alpine and nordic team, but does not compete in any freestyle events), even joking that she’s not good enough to qualify.

She will, however, still get to ski all she wants: Thanks to the flexible quarter system at Dartmouth, Kearney plans to take classes every spring and summer, training and competing every fall and winter. In fact, this is one reason Dartmouth attracts more winter Olympians than almost any other school in the country, including Kearney’s fellow US Ski Team members and 2010 Olympians, Andrew Weibrecht and Tommy Ford, as well as my friend and classmate, 3-time Paralympian and former US Disabled Ski Team member, Carl Burnett. (Incidentally, it’s also the alma mater of no fewer than 4 Butternut ski instructors in the past decade).

Here’s hoping Kearney is just as successful off the slopes as she has been on them.



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