When Skiing Dominates the News…

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It must be a slow weekend in the world of professional sports. The front page of today’s New York Times sports section has 2 skiing stories and 1 Nascar story. Post-Super Bowl, football’s gone. Hockey didn’t merit a headline. Too early for baseball. And basketball got 1 cover story, but it’s primarily about a documentary of a pioneering black basketball team in the 1920s, not the modern NBA.

So, on to the big news…

Best friends and fierce competitors, Lindsey Vonn and Maria Riesch, who have dominated the World Cup downhill circuit, finished 2nd and 3rd, respectively, at the Garmisch-Partenkirchen downhill race yesterday. Vonn was suffering from post-concussive symptoms and Riesch was suffering from the flu, opening the door for Elisabeth Gorgl to win the gold.

In a related story, columnist Alan Schwarz sharply criticizes the United States Ski Team, for giving the green light, and Lindsey Vonn, for making the decision to race, even though she complained of skiing ‘in a fog’ while she is still recovering from a concussion sustained during a training run on February 2. He contends that although things went well for Vonn – she finished in 2nd place – she looked shaky at the bottom of the run, and her failure to rest until fully recovered from her concussion made much more susceptible to further physical or cognitive injury. He points out that if Vonn had been an NFL player, she and her team would rightfully be facing much criticism right now for the shortsighted decision to let her race.

In cheerier news, they profile Ashley Caldwell, an aerial skier for the US Ski Team who was the youngest American competitor at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, and just won her first ever World Cup gold medal last month in Lake Placid. Ashley became an aerialist as part of a program that recruited young gymnasts into the winter sport, as the two disciplines require similar skills.


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