You Don’t Know Cold

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Today’s (Jan 23) another delightful day at Ski Butternut. Sure, it’s a wee bit cold, but nothing a little Gore-Tex, down, polartec, turtle fur, fleece, wool, hot chocolate, and hand warmers can’t fix. The sun has overcome some wispy clouds, and its rays help take much of the sting out of the crisp air. The temperature is a manageable 15 degrees fahrenheit at 2PM, and with not much wind to speak of, the windchill is hovering above 0. Bundled up in appropriate ski attire, it’s another beautiful day for skiing or riding.

Not to mention that the snow conditions remain great, and the cold seems to have scared away some of the less brave souls.

It’s worth mentioning that up in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, folks are skiing in much colder weather. And probably wishing they were here instead.

But the real purpose of this post was to talk about Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, just so you can see how truly balmy it is here in Great Barrington. The highest peak in the northeastern United States, Mt. Washington’s motto is – I kid you not – “Home of the World’s Worst Weather.”

Right now, the temperature there is -17 degrees fahrenheit. But with its famously gusty winds (the highest sustained wind speed ever recorded ANYWHERE ON THE EARTH was measured there), currently blowing at about 67 MPH, it feels like -59 degrees fahrenheit. Under these conditions, even the tiniest patch of exposed skin can develop frostbite in just a few minutes. And it’s only going to get worse: The lowest temperature ever recorded on any Jan 24 is -38 degrees, and with a cold front predicted to sweep over the mountain tonight into tomorrow, there’s a small chance that tomorrow might be the COLDEST JAN 24 EVER ON MT. WASHINGTON.

So, the next time you think it’s too cold to go skiing at Butternut, just imagine yourself atop Mt. Washington for a few moments, and then think about how warm and toasty it is down here by comparison.

For more information about the “home of the world’s worst weather,” and to see temperatures lower than any you thought were possible on this planet, check out their website here.


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