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I love playing with apps on my Android phone, especially when they’re free. I also like learning about apps from friends, but often our different operating systems keep us from sharing.

Well, today I’ve got an app for you that’s free and is available for Android, BlackBerry, and, of course, the iPhone.

It’s called RunTastic. But don’t let the name scare you; It’s actually a great companion for many sports, including skiing and snowboarding.

Using the GPS and compass capabilities of your smartphone, it tracks things like distance, time, speed, pace, and altitude, and can display your route on a map. It also has a website where you can track and share your workouts, as well as easy posting to social sites like facebook and twitter. It’s compatible with several add-on accessories, so for the die-hard Runtastic user, you can also track things like heart rate.

For a very limited time only (perhaps just today, January 9, 2011), the upgrade to Runtastic PRO is being offered for free on the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android (it usually costs at least $5 on all these platforms). The PRO edition removes ads and adds voice features and individualized workout plans. For the iPhone ONLY, there is also a Runtastic PRO edition specifically geared for winter sports (called, not surprisingly, Runtastic Wintersports PRO), but it is not free today, and it appears to be very similar to the standard PRO edition. The standard Wintersports edition, like the standard Runtastic edition, is free every day.

There are lots of other run/workout tracking apps out there, but this is one of very few that I am aware of that is available for just about every smartphone (sorry, Palm and Windows phones), has a great interface and accompanying website, and is FREE. (On Android phones, Google’s own MyTracks is a nice free app, too). There are also apps more specifically geared toward skiers and boarders, including features like trail maps, that I may review in a future post.

Do you have any favorite smartphone apps, especially those designed for winter fun?


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