Recon Redux

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If you recall, a few months ago I introduced you to Recon Transcend goggles, the world’s first virtual reality ski goggle.

Well, they’re back in the news, with several exciting upgrades.

(1) You’ll soon be able to buy the Recon system separate from goggles. Certain name brands will sell Recon-ready goggles, so you can snap the system right into your favorite, comfortable pair of goggles.

(2) The new Recon system runs on Android, the same operating system that powers millions of phones, including mine.

(3) Because Android is an open-source system that people can design apps for, the possibilities of these goggles are almost endless. Anyone with a good idea and some design skills can theoretically build an app to add or enhance a capability of the Recon system.

(4) GPS allows for on-mountain navigating, as well as locating your friends who also use the system.

(5) Bluetooth capabilities mean that your goggles will be able to talk to your phone, and display caller ID and text messages right in front of you, or even use it with a bluetooth-capable video camera as a wireless viewfinder.

Of course, there’s still the question of cost (this won’t come cheap), and whether or not it’s a good idea to be this plugged in / distracted when you’re skiing, which I like to think of as a good time to disconnect, tune out, and just enjoy yourself.

Nonetheless, you have to admire the ingenuity of the Recon system, and imagine all the neat possibilities this technology presents. (Since they run on Android, could you play Angry Birds while you’re skiing?)

For more, check out Recon Instruments’ website.


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