Skiers Don’t Get No Respect, I Tell Ya

December 6, 2010 at 3:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Skiers Don’t Get No Respect, I Tell Ya

By all accounts, Lindsey Vonn is a true celebrity athlete these days, with lots of accolades in her sport, and the name recognition and big-money endorsements that follow.

But ‘big money’ in skiing is what athletes in other sports call ‘pocket change.’

According to Forbes and Bloomberg, Lindsey Vonn, with a slew of high profile ad campaigns with companies like Red Bull, Rolex, and Under Armour (in addition to ski-related brands like Briko and Spyder) will pull in an estimated $6 million this year, double her pre-Olympic earnings of an estimated $3 million, and almost certainly more than any other female skier in the world.

Tennis’ Maria Sharapova, by contrast, will make nearly $25 million. Serena and Venus Williams will make more than $20 and $15 million respectively (that’s gotta make for odd family dinner conversation), driver Danica Patrick pulls in $12 million, and golfer Annika Sorenstam $8 million.

It almost makes you feel sorry for poor Lindsey Vonn. Almost.


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