Health Food for Skiers: Hamburgers*

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*Grass-fed beef hamburgers, that is.

According to an article in Skiing Magazine (well, on their website, since there’s no more actual magazine), after a hard day of skiing, one of the best après ski foods to help ease inflammation and soothe your aching joints is a nice, juicy hamburger.

Of course, not all hamburgers are created equal. The secret to easing inflammation isn’t just deliciousness (though that certainly helps); it’s the good-for-you Omega-3 fatty acids in the beef (the same stuff that’s found in salmon and other fatty fish). But not all beef is packed with those healthy fats: Only the grass-fed variety will do. The beef you buy in most supermarkets or get at McDonald’s is grain-fed, and it doesn’t have the same magical anti-inflammatory properties.

The good news is that the Berkshires is awash in grass-fed beef. We take local, sustainable farming so seriously here, we even have a program (Berkshire Grown) dedicated to it. There are lots of local farms that raise grass-fed pastured beef (like nearby Meili Farm, owned by one of our very own ski patrollers). And you can even buy it at markets in town, like the Food Co-op on Bridge Street.

Better yet, many restaurants in Great Barrington serve grass-fed beef: We can confirm that Barrington Brewery burgers are grass-fed, and go great with that other après ski must, a beer (Barrington Brewery brews several varieties of their own in-house). Route 7 Grill, Allium, and Castle Street Cafe also all feature local, grass-fed beef on their menus.

So, after a long, knee-beating day of skiing at Ski Butternut, treat yourself to a big, greasy burger for dinner…for your health!

Route 7 Grill's logo sends a healthy message: Eat Beef (and pork and chicken, too!)


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