Virtual “Skiing”

November 3, 2010 at 10:56 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Virtual “Skiing”

It’s no secret that the publishing industry has been hurting a bit lately. Ad revenue and circulation are down, and some newspapers and magazines are struggling to survive (several have not).

Magazines about winter sports are not immune to this trend. Less than a decade ago, I subscribed to no fewer than three ski-related magazines: Ski, Skiing, and Snow Country. Today, I subscribe to the only one of those three that’s left: Ski.

But at the same time that print journalism has been on the decline, the internet has taken its place as a forum for news and ideas (cf. this blog). And now that everyone under the age of 50 owns at least one laptop and one smartphone, and wifi is even available on airplanes, we can get our news anywhere, anytime, without a single sheet of paper.

So, I lied a bit earlier. Skiing Magazine is not actually dead! (Long live Skiing!) It has just suddenly become weightless. While they have ceased publishing a paper edition, in its place they have introduced a new electronic edition, taking advantage of the ease (and cost savings) of internet distribution, not to mention the benefits of the technology (like videos embedded in the ‘magazine,’ and neat interactive charts).

You can check out the totally free inaugural issue of Skiing Interactive here. And all future issues here.

What do you think: Do you like the brave new world of paperless magazines? Or do you miss the warm fuzzy feeling you get opening your mailbox (or browsing the racks at a newsstand) to find a hot-off-the-press physical mass of Skiing goodness?


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