The Next Big Thing

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Are you an early adopter? Do you like to stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends? Do you have the uncanny ability to know the “next big thing” before just about anyone else does?

If so, you know that the iPhone is so last year, and Android phones are it right now. (It’s no coincidence that Butternut’s head of marketing, Matt, and I, Richie Jay, both recently purchased Droids, without consulting one another).

But even Androids are not on the bleeding edge of cool. The term “Android,” as you probably already know, refers to a robot or machine that has taken on human-like properties. Impressive as this may be, mark my word, the next big thing are cyborgs. Unlike androids, which are man-like machines, cyborgs are, of course, machine-like men (and/or women).

Behold: Recon-Zeal Transcend Goggles, the world’s first GPS goggles with Head-Mounted display.

Slap on a pair of these (after you slap down a large stack of crisp 100-dollar bills), and you’ll instantly turn into a cyborg.

As Recon Instruments explains:

Transcend is the only pair of goggles in the world to provide real-time feedback to the user, including speed, latitude/longitude, altitude, vertical distance travelled, total distance travelled, chrono/stopwatch mode, a run-counter, temperature and time. It is also the only pair of goggles that boasts GPS capabilities, USB charging and data transfer, and post-processing software all with a user-friendly, futuristic interface.

All of the information is presented to the wearer on a small LCD screen that appears to hover 6-feet in front of the eyes, even though it sits right inside the goggles. (I’ll withhold judgment about whether or not this is distracting and/or dangerous until Recon or Zeal decides to let me try out a pair).

And because the goggles will be open for app development in the future, you can expect to receive upgrades to your cyborg abilities over time.

You can read more about the goggles here.

And watch a video here:

And though we don’t sell these goggles here at Ski Butternut (in fact, you can’t get them anywhere until 10/10/10 at the earliest), the good news is that you can buy the rest of your cyborg ensemble at our ski shop: Low-friction frozen surface navigation appendages; wind- and water-proof protective extra-dermal layer; extremity retention, flex-control, and temperature-regulation devices; etc. Stop in any day during the month of October (except Thursdays), when we’ll be holding our huge sale, and you can score discounts of up to 70%. We don’t discriminate: Humans, cyborgs, and androids are all welcome (heck, iPhones can come, too!)


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