Lindsey Vonn’s Got Stamina

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Elite Olympic skiers and snowboarders all seem to suffer from the same fate:

For several weeks every four years, they are the hottest celebrities in town. They appear on all the morning shows and late-night talk, and the most successful even become household names. But, just as they rise meteorically, they fall into obscurity with equal swiftness. Such is the drawback of participating in a sport that’s only highly televised as infrequently as we hold presidential elections. Americans seem only to have permanent room in their hearts – and in their ad campaigns – for athletes from a few select, mostly summer sports (basketball, football, baseball, golf, and to a lesser extent, soccer and hockey, come to mind).

There are a few rare exceptions. Shaun White seems to have captured the popular zeitgeist, maintaining a high profile in non-Olympic years, appearing in ads and video games. Of course, in his case, it helps that he participates in arguably the coolest Olympic sport, and he kicks ass at it, too. He also happens to be a pretty amazing skateboarder, so he’s really a year-round famous athlete.

But now you can add one more to the list of winter athletes with staying power: Lindsey Vonn. In her new ad campaign for Under Armour, she proves not only that she can make it through a strenuous workout, but also that she can make it through the summer, and still be a well-loved and popular sports figure. As long as she continues to be, in my opinion, one of the most exciting figures in international sports competition – male or female, any sport – I predict that we’ll continue to see a lot of her in the news, in ads…and on the podium.

Check out one of the Under Armour Women ads here, featuring Lindsey Vonn, track and field athlete Monica Hargrove, and soccer player Lauren Cheney:

And here’s the Lindsey-only ad from the same series:

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