Sporting Equipment or Beautiful Work of Art?

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Over on the Ski Butternut twitter feed, Matt Sawyer posted a link to an article about a new ski company, Ski Logik, that’s shaking up the industry by winning all sorts of awards for best ski performance, and doing so in its very first year in business.

Even more unlikely, these skis are made on a tropical island in the South China Sea, and the company is pretty much a mom and pop operation (with the help of a few dozen craftsmen, they crank out a whopping 10 pairs of skis a day): Pop is David Mazzarella, who honed his ski design and manufacturing skills in Colorado, and then up and moved his family thousands of miles away from ski mountains to pursue his dream. Mom is his wife, Mariella, who also happens to be a talented artist.

And the art is what sets these skis apart from any others I have ever seen. Forget about their unparalleled performance (which is, of course, extremely important). Check out their looks!

artistic masterpieces from ski logik

Says Mariella:

“When ideas come to me I capture them with pencil and paper. I redraw them with greater detail into a ski shaped composition. Then I choose natural color wood veneers and other natural materials to add warmth and communicate feelings. Each pair of skis I create is a unique work of art.”

Though they’re definitely not in my budget this year, at about $750-$850 per pair, they are priced in line with other high-end skis (and cheaper than many custom skis), and I’d love to see a few of these works of art on the mountain this winter. In an unusual twist on ski buying, because each pair is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, you get to choose not just a size and model, but the exact pair of skis you’d like to receive, from a gallery/shop on their website. You can also customize a pair to your own performance and design specs.


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