Spring Has Sprung in a Major Way

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If you’ve been outdoors, watched a weather forecast, or even looked out a window lately, you’ve probably forgotten that the calendar still says it’s winter, at least for a few more days.

We haven’t forgotten, and we’ll continue to take advantage of the snow we still have on the mountain, at least through this weekend, and as long as Mother Nature permits (though it’s probably not gonna happen this year, when the cold sticks around through all of March, we happily run the lifts into April). Today, Friday March 19, the mountain was operating with 99% of the skiable acreage still open.

3/19/10 Daily Photo

Taken today, March 19, 2010, you can see there's still plenty of snow on Lucifer's Leap at Ski Butternut.

So, come on out this weekend and get in a few more turns before the skis go into storage.

And here’s a few spring skiing tips from Matt Sawyer, Marketing Director:

Spring Skiing Hints:
Arrive early – Key lifts open at 8:15 on weekends.
Best time to get out on the snow is from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Snow can get quite soft later in the day.
Wax your skis or snowboard. Stop by our on mountain Tune Center for a quick wax in the morning. It will make a difference.
Bring that laid back spring attitude – which means no attitude at all.
Plan to enjoy the sunshine , a few refreshments and the company of friends or family on one of our three outdoor decks.
Drink lots of water, wear sunscreen, and realize that the snow conditions change rapidly as the sun moves over and across the mountain.
Follow the sun. I usually start out making turns on Applejack and Cruiser first thing in the morning. And then move across the mountain from East to West. Wherever the shade is will take a little longer to soften up.
The Terrain Parks usually isn’t the first place I head in the morning. Let the terrain park landings soften a little then if you want you can try to go big!
This or next weekend could be the mountains swan song, so make the most of it while it’s sunny.


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