Ski Butternut 2.0

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Now with 100% more iPhone goodness!

I have a confession to make: I use a really old cell phone without a touch screen or even a useful web browser, and I don’t even have a text messaging plan. (Insert shame and ridicule here.)

However, on any given day at Butternut, I see Blackberries, iPhones, and all other sorts of smartphones galore. (And, to think, just a few years ago, your only options in Great Barrington were landlines or smoke signals).

So, while I can’t vouch with for their awesomeness, I can vouch for the fact that there exist several high-tech options that make the trusty ol’ Ski Butternut paper trail map completely obsolete.

Option 1: Navionics Mobile Ski App for the iPhone, $2.99.

Mobile Ski App Animation•View in 2D map or 3D satellite modes
•Create an adventure-logue of your geotagged pictures, videos and share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or by email
•Save up to 200 of your favorite trails, vistas, rest stops, meeting places, and other points of interest
•Track your runs and then play them back
•View statistics including: run duration, length, max speed, average speed, and vertical descent
•Select a ski trail or lift and see it highlighted on the map
•Once your ski resorts are downloaded they remain resident on your phone which means you don’t have to be in cell range to enjoy the app (Ski Butternut is one of the available resorts)
•Listen to your favorite iTunes from within the app

Option 2: iSki Trail Maps for the iPhone and Android, 99 cents.
This seems like a simpler app (no fancy GPS and timer features, just maps), but it comes with a more wallet friendly price, and also includes Butternut along with many other resorts.

Options 3 and 4: REI Snow and Ski Report and North Face’s The Snow Report for the iPhone, both FREE.
I can’t verify that Butternut’s on these apps, but you can’t beat the price. They include trail maps, snow reports, and forecasts, and can even send you powder alerts.

Know any others I forgot? How about for those Blackberry users out there? Leave a comment.


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