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Sadly, the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games are over, the athletes have gone home to their respective nations, the Olympic Flame has been extinguished, and NBC has been forced to bring Jay Leno back. But a bit of afterglow still remains, and the Monday morning quarterbacking has just begun.

Below, I’ve brought together a few links with highlights, lowlights, and memorable images from the Olympics. Expect this list to grow over the next few days as I stumble across more interesting finds.

The Links

Winners and Losers, one sports columnist’s take on the highs and lows of the Olympics.

Tragedy, Glitches, and Glory: Even before the first results were in, this Olympics seemed like a series of unfortunate events. But the Times declares that, despite their rocky start, they ended on a high note.

ESPN columnist Howard Bryant declares that Vancouver 2010 proved that “the Winter Olympics are back as a major event.”

VIDEO: New York Times sportswriters discuss the best athletic performances of the Games.

Photos of the best celebrations from the Games, and of the most memorable faces.

SKIING Magazine presents a ski-centric photo slideshow of the Games.

A really cool musical feature, demonstrating both visually and with sound how fine the line was between golden glory and a forgettable fourth place in timed skiing, sliding, and skating events.

From great Olympic performances come lucrative endorsements. CNBC ponders the 25 most marketable Olympians from these winter games.

VIDEO: Some candid after-hours interviews with athletes. Bode’s a bit ineloquent in the video, but, to be fair, he seems caught off guard by the reporter at a party, and he’s always made it clear that he cares more about being a good skier than about being a good celebrity.

Even in victory, Canadians are unflappably gracious and modest: Just take a look at the letters that poured in to the New York Times’ sports editor the day after Canada’s hard-fought overtime hockey win over the US.


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