Hob Nobbin’ with Spencer

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Since we already have www.skibutternut.com where we can post official information about the mountain, we’d like to make this blog more of an open forum, with contributions from customers who ski and ride Butternut.

You can click on ‘LEAVE A COMMENT’ at the top of each post to write a public comment on that post.

Even better, on the right sidebar of the blog, you’ll see a ‘CONTACT US‘ link. We’d love to hear from you, and submissions for blog posts are especially encouraged. If you have any photos or videos you’d like us to post, send a web link to the media, or we’ll get back in touch with you so you can attach them to an email.

Here’s another contribution, this one from Spencer.

What’s better than a weekend with friends? A weekend skiing with friends. A few weeks ago eight friends, some of whom I’ve known for about 20 years, all took the shorter-than-expected 2-hour trek to escape from the hustle and bustle of NYC. Our work schedules differed so we all left the city at various times. The first car pulled into Great Barrington at around 3 PM on Friday with the rest arriving over the next 12 hours. We all awoke at 7:30, like kids on Christmas morning, eager to ski whatever Butternut threw at us. Butternut is not the biggest mountain (most wouldn’t even consider it a big mountain) but it is fun nonetheless.

We started off the day on Upper Applejack and plowed right on through to Lower Applejack. The runs are just long enough so that by the end you start to feel the burning in your quads but you aren’t struggling to plan out your next run. Over the weekend we hit every trail and experienced the whole mountain. The snow, a natural and man-made mix, was as good as you can find in the Northeast. Yes, there were some icy patches towards the end of the day, especially on Freewheeler, but that’s what makes skiing the East coast exciting. Well maybe not, but that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself since it’s these are the only mountains that I have easy access to. The groomers did a great job and the next day we arrived to ideal Sunday morning conditions. The mountain is spread out enough so that you don’t feel like you’re right on top of other skiers/boarders. The waits at the four main lifts are nothing to complain about either. Lunch at the Upper Lodge (kind of a misnomer considering that it’s only about 50 feet further up the mountain from Lower Lodge and not on the top of the mountain) was a surprise as well. The seating area was a bit hectic, but the line for food was almost non-existent. Most importantly the price was much cheaper than I expected. While on the topic of money, the $55 weekend lift ticket was also well valued. However, don’t forget your student ID which enables you to drop the price down to $35. One of the best values for skiing in my opinion especially at this reduced price.


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