“It’s a Wonderful, Horrible Feeling”

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ESPN The Magazine devotes its current issue (Feb 22, 2010) to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, and its cover to “The Flying Tomato” (he hates that nickname, by the way), Shaun White.

ESPN Magazine Cover

Speaking of which, there’s a great interview with Shaun White, from which the title of this post comes (“It’s hard to be the guy who’s supposed to win every event, every time. It’s a wonderful, horrible feeling,” says White).

And a controversial take on the fading glory of the Winter Olympics (“The Winter Games have a cold. Maybe even H1N1. They are listless, wrung out, wheezing and bleeding money.”) The author, Luke Cyphers, recommends that the Winter Olympics rejoin Summer Olympics every fourth year, settle down in one or a few well-established venues instead of a new country every time, and downsize the number of events, amongst other suggestions. [With TV ratings way up and the quality of live coverage noticeably better this year, I disagree with Cyphers’ negative outlook and at least some of his suggestions.]

And profiles of a handful of athletes from around the world who are expected to make waves over the next two weeks in Vancouver.

(You’ll need an ESPN.com Insider or print subscription to read these whole articles, or you can pick up a physical magazine – yup, those still exist – at your local newstand. No ESPN subscription? You can read my dad’s take on the superhuman mental and physical abilities of downhill alpine racers for free over at his blog.)


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