Man on the (Main) Street: Rafi

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Since we already have where we can post official information about the mountain, we’d like to make this blog more of an open forum, with contributions from customers who ski and ride Butternut.

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Here’s the second contribution, this one from Rafi.

First time at Butternut:

This past weekend i had the pleasure of being invited to a friends house in Great Barrington for a ski trip. As a relatively new snowboarder I’d say it was the perfect place for me to be. Although it is more of a family oriented mountain (I’m a 24 year old single guy) the trails are a ton of fun. Even as a new snowboarder I’d have to say that my favorite trail was “The Whip”, a black trail that was completely conquerable by newbies. The idea that I was doing black trails gave me a load of confidence and allowed me keep up with my more advanced friends. Maybe it’s not the setting for people who want a serious challenge, but for anyone that wants to have fun this is the place to go. The trails are designed well so that you can connect to quite a few from just a couple of spots the lifts take you.

To my surprise, the conditions weren’t bad at all (compared to the ice I’ve snowboarded on at other places) which really made me comfortable and less worried about falling like i normally am when boarding on poorly groomed trails. The first day we were out was amazing weather, but the second was a bit cloudly. Either way I had fun the entire time i was there. The lines for the lifts were very well managed, but some of the lifts could be updated (no foot rests on some of them).

Another nice thing about Butternut is that it’s so close to Great Barrington, which is a great little town with a bunch of really nice restaurants and a few bars. Perfect combo for a laid back ski weekend.


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