Voice of the People: Terry

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Since we already have www.skibutternut.com where we can post official information about the mountain, we’d like to make this blog more of an open forum, with contributions from customers who ski and ride Butternut.

You can click on ‘LEAVE A COMMENT’ at the top of each post to write a public comment on that post.

Even better, on the right sidebar of the blog, you’ll see a ‘CONTACT US‘ link. We’d love to hear from you, and submissions for blog posts are especially encouraged. If you have any photos or videos you’d like us to post, send a web link to the media, or we’ll get back in touch with you so you can attach them to an email.

Here’s the first in what we hope will be a series of contributions from our customers, this one from Terry.

I visited great barrington for the first time to reconnect with an old friend i used to work with at a resort in the west that gets 500-700 inches of snow a year. I have not skied at any eastern mountain in my last 300 ski days and have been spoiled by the luxuries of living in the Rockies. Obviously My expectations for my butternut experience were limited based on what I have been conditioned to espect from skiing.

I must say that I had a great weekend at butternut. The skies were blue bird and the sun was shining and the man made snow actually held up quite well for the duration of the day on Saturday. We experienced fun runs down all the terrain the nut offered which is impressive because the range of ski abilities we were with was significant yet all parties had fun and we skied together!

What stuck out most for me was the time my friend ws getting on the triple chair and his skis got tangled and he lost his ski after getting on the chair. The lifties stopped the chair with his naked ski boot dangling just a foot off the ground. The lifties quickly ran to the aide of our friend and picked up his ski and got down on their hands and knees and put the ski on his boot by pressing the base of the ski up into the sole of his boots. I found that to be wonderful customer service.

Our second day at butternut was bitter sweet as the clouds came out and we lost our sunny blue skies but in return there were far fewer people at the mountain and we spent less time waiting in lines at the chairlift which was great because we could get many more laps in on the quad than we were getting in in Saturday.

Butternut- great little family mountain with a real culture and better yet real Skiing



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