If You Don’t Like the Weather in New England…

January 9, 2010 at 8:55 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off on If You Don’t Like the Weather in New England…

Wait 5 minutes.

Or at least that’s how the old saying goes.

Predicting the weather 7 days out or more–as most TV stations and websites do now–is notoriously inaccurate everywhere, even in places less prone to squalls, nor’easters, and other fickle New England winter phenomena. But predicting the weather out months or even a year, well that’s just crazy! Or is it?

Several almanacs claim to have super-secret, super-accurate, time-tested formulas for predicting the weather days, weeks, and even months from now. Two such examples are the Farmers’ (Plural) Almanac and the Old Farmer’s (Singular) Almanac. Not surprisingly, the two forecasts don’t seem to agree on the specifics (and they’re generally pretty vague to begin with). The Old Farmer seems to think that precip will be a little below average for the rest of winter, but so will temperatures, which is great for making new snow and keeping the snow that’s already fallen or been made. Meanwhile, the Not-Old-But-Plural Farmers seem to be predicting a very snowy, classic New England winter. In fact, the Farmers’ Almanac is even guaranteeing a snowy Groundhog Day, and dark shadows contrast very well with white snow, perhaps ensuring another 6 weeks of winter to follow.

So, take these forecasts as prophecy or take them as fallacy. Either way, we’ll take whatever snow Mother Nature sends our way, and we’ll make the rest. And maybe, just to be safe, we’ll make a small sacrifice to the Old Farmer, too.


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